You You You Me Me


  • 2019
Nicola Ihde is a Berlin-based photographer. In the course of the graduation exhibition DREIZEHN, Nicola Ihde showed her graduation work „You You You Me Me Me“. We were commissioned to design the monograph of the same title. „You You You Me Me Me“ offers a private glimpse in the photographer’s life and is dedicated to questions about the meaning of sexuality, femininity, desire and body. The duality of short and diary-like texts as well as high-contrasted black and white photography is being reflected in the design of the publication which is an ensemble of two: a photo book and a text book that are bound together by a fine staple. The cover design in the style of a poetry book represents the literary motif in Nicola Ihde’s work and is contrasted by the design of the inner part of the photo book. The sketchy vulgarity and high contrast of the photographs are complemented by a choice of transparent bible paper. Both, the romantic glance and the contrasted and strong appearance of the motifs, are symbolized by the image of a small rose – as the signé on a poetry-like cover and as a tattoo on a bare thigh.
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