Limbo Cashmere


  • 2019
Limbo is a premium fashion brand from Berlin, producing handmade cashmere clothing in Nepal. We were commissioned to do art direction and design, creating the brand’s visual identity. This included different assets from the design and development of the webshop and website to the packaging, stationery and lookbook. Limbo is not premium in its classical understanding, its neither flawless nor slick. We used the symbolic of handcrafted goods and elevated its casual flaw to a stylistic device. In our design it is represented by a handwritten logo, grainy letters and coarse stamps. Graphic elements like cutting or registration marks you would usually rather eliminate are considered part of the design. A wide kerning, hand-stitched labels and the most chaotic website were only the next logical result of our concept. All in all, it is a demanding design approach with all its flaws and errors that sets the tone.
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Studio Aup
Art Direction, Design and Development
Studio Aup
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