ZERO foundation


  • 2019
The ZERO Foundation was founded by the Dusseldorf-based ZERO artists Heinz Mack, Otto Piene and Günther Uecker. The mission of the ZERO Foundation is to preserve, study and present the work and influence of the ZERO movement. With art direction by Studio Hugo Hoppmann, our art director Philipp Engel designed a visual identity, a catalogue, posters and an online archive for the ZERO Foundation. Creative developer joined the team for developing the website. As the foundation preserves a rich visual language, our task in the design department was to elaborate a graphical system that is applicable for communication as well as for the online archive of the foundation. The result stands out due to its clarity and clean structure. In every term, we were embracing the historical form of the visual appearance of the ZERO group.
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Studio Aup
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