• 2018
„Wegekreuze“ is a publication on religious monuments in the city of Wittlich and it's periphery with research and text by Alexandra Karg and photography by Laura Schleder. Philipp Engel, art director at Studio AUP, was commissioned by the communal cultural office of Wittlich to establish concept and design of the publication. This overall rather conservative design had three demands: The book should have the aesthetics of a photographic book, the compact format of a hiking guide and the content of a scientific publication – and all of that should be reflected in the design. As a result, Philipp initially opted for a small format. He also designed extremely detailed typographic systems that allow user-friendly navigation between text, objects and chapters. Thirdly, the photographs were given a prominent position in the book alongside the text. The user-friendly navigation is supported by an illustrated map at the end of the publication.
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